Food Coaching

Are you a busy woman who is often on a diet, struggles with eating, needs kitchen inspiration, is stressed, lacking in energy and struggling to feel healthy and make changes to your diet and lifestyle?

We all have different relationships with food. You lead a busy life and sometimes struggle to eat well. Most of us know we could improve when it comes to food and this is where Plan Eat Well comes in.

If your bad habits are stopping you having more energy, better moods, and losing weight. Then you need help with the specifics of planning, eating and cooking well. Let us be your guide. No more excuses -“I’ll get round to it, I know how to eat healthily, I can do it myself.” They aren’t working! You need Food Coaching. This is for busy people who want to stay on top.

Food Coaching For You

I’m busy and end up neglecting my diet because I am busy and stressed?’

A mix of food facts and the realisation that diets generally don’t work long-term. An exploration of food habits, lifestyle and your current diet will be the beginning of an exciting journey for you.

We find out more about yourself, explore the role food plays in your life and come up with a plan to change for the better. And hopefully have some fun along the way.

It’s confusing out there, with so much conflicting information on food. Our bodies are constantly changing, reacting to our life-stage, environment and lifestyle.

Our coaching sessions will give you the knowledge and confidence to Plan Eat Well.

  • No diets, deprivation or willpower required.
  • New habits developed gradually.
  • Mindset and behaviour around food changes.
  • Fully supported by Plan Eat Well along the way.

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Food Coaching

Food coaching sessions are 1:1 appointments to work on food-related goals.

Session 1 – A full health and food history is taken to understand your goals and food concerns, your lifestyle, food preferences and schedule. This meeting tends to be longer, up to 2 hours.

Next Session – This session is designed to review your plan together, providing the necessary information and support, helping you with ways to implement the plan in a way that is best for you. We want you to feel happy and confident embarking on this process. 1 hour.

Follow-up sessions include more in-depth meetings and tracking your progress and could include, online/in-home cooking session, kitchen make-over.

Select a Food coaching packages of 3, 6 or 12 months.

For a free 15 minute chat, to see if food coaching is for you, please email me at

Group Food Coaching For You

Group coaching is the high value, lower cost option and even offers extra benefits.

Why don’t you invite friends to come with you or arrange a course for you and your group of friends?


Community – in a small group we share our goals, struggles and journey and learn from each other. We help to motivate each other, increase accountability that will result in long-lasting change.

Support – you not only get the support of your coach, but support from the whole group. Why not also persuade a friend or two to join up with you.

Includes – 6 sessions over 12 weeks, email support, food diary reviews each session. A friendly, warm and welcoming environment. Sessions will be tailored to group needs, but often includes, exploring current eating patterns and habits, meal planning, examining some of the issues you have such as work-life balance, stress. You will have homework based on your personal goals. Our last session reviews how far you’ve come and sets some long-term goals and actions. Overall, the aim is for an informal, fun session.

These run regularly. Please contact us to register your interest, we’ll let you know when and where the next course is running.


I contacted Caroline through recommendation as I have always lacked a great deal of self-control whenever it involved my eating habits. Through my own attempts, I had failed constantly and was using sugary snacks and highly caffeinated drinks to survive the work day. I’m also not at an age where I can get away with it as much as I used to, plus my family has a history of diabetes, which is something I didn’t want to worry about in my 30s! The lack of will power and motivation helped me decide that a food coach would be useful. I have done a few sessions so far and they have been extremely helpful. Caroline helped me determine my goals and come up with a plan to achieve them. We have discussed foods that would be suited to my goals and replace my usual go-to sugary snacks. The coaching is very personalised, which is a huge plus for me as it takes into account my lifestyle and how I can replace the need to reach for snacks all the time (that is honestly my worst habit). The best thing about the coaching is that it’s made me rethink what I eat and how often…I’ve even cooked meals I would never even dare to attempt in the past as I’m such a useless cook, but through Caroline’s mentoring I have now found the confidence to do so. I definitely recommend Plan Eat Well and Caroline’s coaching expertise when it comes to developing a healthier outlook on food. I didn’t notice at the time, but I’m really starting to see a difference in my eating habits and wellbeing; something that would not have been achievable by myself.

Lisa W.

‘I had a health scare last year and lost my father.  I was really focused on eating healthily and had changed my diet, but Caroline pointed out that I had gone too far and wasn’t always consuming enough calories, which was fine as I was trying to lose weight, but not long term.  I found her knowledge and advice so useful and have now adopted her suggested strategies and am trying some new foods too.  She also got me back on track with meditation as the last few years, looking after my ill dad, holding down a stressful job in teaching was taking its toll.  Thanks Caroline, the experience was invaluable.’ Chris S.

‘I thought that healthy eating was just a matter of discipline. Cut out the unhealthy stuff and eat things that are good for you, feel better, look better. Easy.
But I was suffering from bloating and pain after doing just that. Perhaps I was lactose intolerance? So I began making more changes to test out what could be causing my discomfort.
Caroline noticed I was having non-dairy milk in my coffee and asked me why. I was really impressed when she found the source of the problem after only a few questions. Apparently, my gut bacteria loved my sudden determination to feed it live yoghurt and chickpeas. It had become overactive (unlike me by this point).
Caroline’s advice cured my pain and reminded me of how important it is to value people who have the knowledge and enthusiasm in their subject areas to help.
I definitely recommend Caroline’s services.’
Julia H.

I was a bit of a snacker and takeway fiend. I also enjoyed the odd drink a fair few times every week. My intentions were to eat better, I wasn’t getting any younger and if I was honest, knew it would start to catch up with me. I admit I was frustrated that I wasn’t doing better. So I took the bull by the horns and had some food coaching with Caroline.

Wow, I was not expecting the impact of having such strong support and guidance and how easy it was to change once I knew how and had her support.

I thought food coaching was just for people who wanted to lose weight. I got so much more out of this. I haven’t had to ‘give up’ all the nice stuff, in fact I’ve been having fun trying lots of new things and actually enjoy planning what I cook and eat for the week.

And for those of you that read this and say ‘ahh, but she had to give up alcohol, I wouldn’t like that,’ I cut down, swapped and strategically planned when I did drink, so I didn’t have to give up all alcohol at all, but could do if I wanted to in the future. As Caroline says, it’s not about deprivation, it’s about planning to make your life better.

Sarah B.

In-Home Cooking Sessions/Online Cooking Workshops

We offer cookery sessions in your home or a cook-along online. Book a session and our food genius Caroline will teach you to cook some dishes. We’ll have some fun.

This includes coming to your home or online and cooking dishes, previously agreed with you, with lots of laughs and learning along the way. We will provide you with a shopping list.

Why learn at home? It’s more relaxed and natural. It’s all about YOU. A group lesson can be intimidating for some and they are not individualised to just you.  We can’t wait to work with you.

Grocery Shopping Tour

We will take you on tour at the grocery store in person or online.
We will provide you with tips and guidance on how to read and compare food labels and make the best food choices. A fun insight into grocery shopping.

Kitchen Food Makeover

We will come to your home or do it online, review the contents of your cupboards, fridge and freezer and suggest what to keep, what to discard and what to keep out of sight. We will review food labels and product ingredient lists so that you can keep your kitchen healthy.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available for food coaching, in-home cooking sessions, grocery tours and kitchen food makeover. These make a great gift.

Please email for more information.


An investment in yourself and your future is worth it! Prices not only include the time spent with you but the advice, support, information and practical tasks that will direct your future.

Food coaching – 3, 6 and 12 month packages are available, ask for information.

Group food coaching

In-home cookery session from £140 for 2 people for 2 hours.

Online cookalong – private starts from £60 for one hour plus £10 each additional household, public starts from £10.

Please let me know if you want information on our services and prices. We are based in Solihull, West Midlands.

Email: or go to the Contact page.

Take action now!

I am based in the Solihull area, near Birmingham, but also offer online coaching.  The number of meetings we have will be up to you – as we discuss your goals, obstacles and plan of action.  We can take this journey together.

Email me or use the Contact form on the Contact page to request a newsletter.

For a free 15 minute chat, to see if food coaching is for you, please email me at

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