I started Plan Eat Well with the belief that being able to cook simple, healthy meals could contribute to happier, healthier people. I am a foodie, home economist, marketer, educator and lecturer. I love food, cooking, eating and health too. I have a passion for understanding why we do what we do and all the psychology behind it.


Where did my passion for food come from …?

I’m Caroline Davies and as a young child, I was always curious about food and constantly cooking and interested in the role it plays in our lives nutritionally, socially and psychologically. My first childhood memories of cooking is in my Nana’s kitchen.  I helped my dad make beer and wine (I still make real ale today), the environment was ripe for a future of food obsession, not just cooking, but a more holistic passion about the food industry, the environment and the effects food has on us.

Food, a fantastic tool …

Food is a fantastic tool we can use to enjoy ourselves, feel better, look after others.  I went on to higher education to study and train to be a home economist, where I studied cooking, nutrition, meal planning, food science and a few other food-related areas. My career then took me to food demonstrations, work in schools, marketing and lecturing, food being the focus with many of these roles.  I then became a lecturer and taught food, consumer behaviour and marketing in a university specialising in food for over 22 years. During this time, I got plenty of experience in tutoring, coaching and mentoring students. My research interests were behaviour change concerning food. I also have taken several qualifications in health coaching.

About You

I am an eating behaviour and habit change food coach, all a bit of a mouthful (excuse the pun) so food coach for short.

 I specialise in helping busy women who want inspiration in the kitchen, are stressed, lacking in energy, and struggling to feel healthy and make changes to their diet and lifestyle so that they can keep enjoying life.  I help you to take back control of your health, and feel re-energised, full of vitality, less stressed and confident again.  I will not be putting you on another diet and telling you that you can’t eat a whole long list of foods.  We work together to find a plan for you.  Coaching works as you make a commitment and are accountable to the coach.

I work on your mind and behaviour.  This is a long-term strategy and you will be able to takeaway the tools I teach you and be in control of food in your life to enable you to enjoy it. 

This all sounds very serious, but we will have some fun along the way. Your issues are addressed and ultimately you’ll feel and be so much better, the perfect gift to yourself.

Living a good life …

Having such a diverse understanding of food and consumer behaviour, I now want to impart that to you.  Modern life can be stressful – what to cook, how to cook, finding time, concerned about your health and wellbeing. What should you eat? Lump that in with exercise and our mental health can be overwhelming. By focusing on food in your life these will also find a spot as you find your zest for life.

My interest in eating habits and behaviour came about whilst researching for a European journal article on influences into our food choices and how we can help people by influencing them towards sustainable healthy choices. What I learnt was that good and bad habits are formed the exact same way. This is the KEY; replace the bad habits with good. I provide the how and the guidance through coaching. It works and you’ll be amazed at how simple it is to achieve. I provide the specifics, guidance and coaching.

I am a eating behaviour and habit change food coach who specialises in helping busy people become healthier, whether at their workplace or one to one. I help busy people eat better, so they feel better, long-term. However busy you are I will help you find a solution that fits your lifestyle. It’s an investment in you and your future.

About the workplace and their employees

In the workplace, the issue is to develop good eating habits, whether working in the office, on the road, or from home, we have to eat, and the grab and go culture can play havoc with our long-term health.  Even if you are not overweight, by eating poor quality foods affects you not only physically but mentally as well.  If you’ve ever managed to eat a good quality diet then you’ll know the difference mentally it makes.  You sleep better, you glow, you have more energy and are just in a good mood.  We often don’t recognise that this was down to food.  Of course I don’t just deal with food in isolation, as I am an eating behaviour and habit change food coach I focus on our minds using established and proven tools to improve your behaviour. 

Let me into your workplace to work with your employees and not only improve their productivity quickly, but also their long-term prospects with regards to their health.

Welcome to Plan Eat Well

Get in touch to discuss food coaching or workplace wellbeing at: caroline@planeatwell.com

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