Drop the Diet, Slash the Sugar – Strategies to Change your Mindset around Food course

Really excited to announce this course. See details below. So many people treat food as the enemy and struggle with food in their life. They constantly tell themselves what they mustn’t eat and create all sorts of rules and beliefs. Really, the secret is to understand that food is our friend, designed to nourish and enjoy. Remember that diets don’t work, they don’t fit in with your lifestyle or household, they are often about deprivation, aren’t fun. Some appear to work short-term, but in reality are just a short-term fix.

By changing your mindset and learning to enjoy food, guilt free and be able to eat anything at anytime is liberating. We will learn what are healthy meals so we understand how food does affect our bodies, but we’ll also learn how to love food and yourself.

Please email me for anymore information or questions. This is local course, look out for an online version soon.

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