Why should I seriously consider working with a food coach?

If you feel bombarded by all the mixed signals out there to do with food, then you are not alone, but it can mean many of us are floundering when it comes to healthy eating.  Perhaps you’re not sure what is fact and what’s fiction when it comes to food, what’s best for you, and want to find out what’s right for you and how to do it.

Maybe you snack too often, feel enticed by all the ‘naughty but nice’ foods, and overeat, too regularly. Are beginning to realise that if things don’t improve, your body will soon start to rebel, maybe it is already, perhaps in the form of a common disease, such as heart disease or diabetes, or carrying a bit of extra weight.

Do any of these relate to you?

I don’t always eat well – too much junk food!

I always mean to eat more healthily, but for some reason, it rarely happens.

I know I need to change to protect my health, not only in the future, but for now.

Why do I find it so difficult to shop, cook, and eat healthily – I need support.

I wish I felt more alert, full of energy, less snappy, and losing a bit of weight would be a bonus.

If these points ring true to you, then I can help you.  Don’t leave it any longer; the impact of poor diet is serious, don’t wait until the damage is done.

It’s all about you, it’s not selfish, it’s an investment in your future, not just for you, but for your family, I’m sure they want a happy healthy you.

So what do we do, many of us have never been to a coaching session and may wonder what it is like.  It’s about exploring what you are doing currently, why and what you would like to change, the barriers you perceive currently hindering your progress.  We then work together to come up with a Plan to help you Eat Well.

We focus on the fact that you are unique in your personality, lifestyle, and the physical way you react to food.  Listening to your body and giving it what it will thrive upon is essential.

Eating and cooking should be enjoyable; healthy eating shouldn’t be a diet, a chore, it should come from a love of eating good food.

What you’ll learn:

How to cook and eat healthily, I’m sure you’re good at identifying healthy foods, but why isn’t that translating into your cooking and eating habits?

Identify roadblocks and barriers to healthy eating and remain accountable for the goals you set.

How to incorporate more healthy food into your week. Learn to meal plan, cook, tasty, fresh, interesting, fun dishes.

How to meal plan and food shop and navigate your supermarket, how to stock your kitchen and ultimately save you time and money.

Learn the art of reading food labels and avoiding foods that aren’t doing you any good

How you’ll feel.

Just imagine having more energy a general feeling of health and vitality, better sleep, less stressed with less likelihood of catching illnesses. Food is powerful and is often forgotten when it comes to monitoring health. In March 2018, BBC News reported that medical students get around 10 to 24 hours over 5 to 6 years in medical school on nutrition. This can lead to some doctors providing poor quality, limited advice to their patients (We learn nothing about Nutrition claim medical students BBC News March 2018). Considering many diseases we get as we get older are connected to the food we eat, this is shocking!

Food is powerful, make its power work for you…

You will feel healthier because you’ll have an underlying feeling of wellbeing because of what you are eating. It can start off subtly, then one day you realise you feel really well. Your new habits and lifestyle will reduce your reactions to stress, and you’ll probably find you’re sleeping better and in a better mood as well. Don’t you want this?

I am based in the Solihull area, near Birmingham.  The number of meetings we have will be up to you – as we discuss your goals, obstacles, and plan of action.  We can take this journey together.

Please email me or use the Contact form on the Contact page to request a newsletter.

For a free 15 minute chat, to see if food coaching is for you, please email me at caroline@planeatwell.com

Have a good day.

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