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Workplace Wellbeing and Food Coaching

Meet Caroline Davies, a qualified home economist and food coach. I am here to help you – PLAN EAT WELL. I’ll help you tackle your eating habits, meal plans, wellbeing goals, food choices and ditch those diets.

Work with me to get rid of a negative mindset around food. Upskill your cooking, make eating fun, eliminate meal planning stress and wake up your wellbeing.

Feel healthier. Feel better. Live well.

Whats on

Workplace Wellbeing Packages – one-off sessions are fine, but to make a bigger impact on your staff, opt for several sessions, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. If you really want to encourage long-term behaviour change for eating well, then this strategy is for you. It’s practical and works!

Workplace Wellbeing – lunchtime clubs. Informal with different food topics, some food coaching – to suit the group.

Food Coaching -fancy a taster of working with me. Try my Plan Eat Well MOT for £149 – I’ll go through your 3 day food diary and health questionnaire and produce a food report. 60 mins video call and email check in after 2 weeks. Bargain!

Join free Facebook group Eat Well, Plan It! – lots of advice and discussions.

All year – food coaching, and workplace wellbeing.

Food Coaching

  • Would you like to eat more healthily, easily?
  • How do you tackle a lack of time for food shopping and cooking?
  • Do you eat too many takeaways, processed ready meals and overeat when you eat out?
  • Do you understand how food affects you, your moods and your body?
  • How do you stop your snacking habit?
  • Are you struggling with meal planning and stick to the same old dishes?
  • Is your NEW Year resolution always to eat better so you have more energy and better moods?
  • Are you worried about the cumulative impact of the above on your long-term health?

Ways to work with Caroline

Online cooking /cookalongs Healthy in-home cooking sessions

Group and 1:1 food coaching – no diets or deprivation required.

Workplace wellbeing – feel free to pass my details to your manager.

Meal planning courses

We will enable you to achieve what you have been struggling to do by yourself.

If you’re a busy person who wants to feel on top of the world. We will help you to gently shift your mindset, habits and behaviour using simple, effective and sustainable techniques as part of an effective coaching model. You will feel so much better.

There is so much conflicting information about what we should eat and why. People are often confused and misled about what we should eat. We give up and follow quick fix and easy methods. Food coaching aims to help people acquire knowledge about how food can affect their health and empowers them to make lifestyle changes.

We provide accountability, and emotional and moral support, to ensure that these positive changes really stick.

Start your journey here

Plan Eat Well work with companies for workplace wellbeing and individuals for food coaching. For FREE 20-page Snack Habit-breaker Workbook email caroline@planeatwell.com.

Workplace Wellbeing

Improve your employee’s health through healthy eating, creating productive, positive workplaces and employees.

We take a holistic view of food, it’s not just nutrition! At Plan Eat Well, we focus on what we eat and why and we understand the impact this has on your employees and business. We can work together to create healthier minds, bodies and spirits.

Our Services

If businesses take a more proactive approach to healthy eating, they will find that paying attention to eating habits affects employees’ wellbeing, feelings, overall happiness and improved morale. This in turn, actually increases return on investment, productivity and engagement.  It also reduces absenteeism and presenteeism.

We offer a wide range of interactive and engaging workplace wellbeing services. For more information, go to Workplace Wellbeing on the menu bar.

Help us to help you to achieve your wellbeing objectives and create lasting health changes and business benefits.

Your employees may not always have the time to think about their health, diet and lifestyle.

Find out more and contact us at caroline@planeatwell.com.

Poor dietary habits can lead to fatigue, decreased mental awareness, irritability, lower energy levels, reduced ability to think clearly, decreased ability to perform your job effectively, higher levels of stress and depression and decreased productivity.


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Working at healthy eating

We are based in the West Midlands and also offer online coaching. For a free 15 minute chat, to see if food coaching is for you, please email me at caroline@planeatwell.com or go to the Contact page.